Passat comfort control module wiring diagram

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passat comfort control module wiring diagram

Antennas All models use four antennas. Integrated into rear glass If concern is poor FM reception: - Disconnect all amplifiers, tune radio to high-powered station for your area. If reception is indicated: - Disconnect that amplifier and move on to next amplifier. If at any point in reconnecting amplifiers there is a loss in reception and there are no connection issues: - Replace that amplifier and check again. If corrosion is found: - Clean mount and apply anti-seize gel to mounting.

For example, the reference in this diagram is to trackwhich is on another diagram. Internal connections are current carrying and are listed to allow tracing of current flow inside components and wiring harness. In all wiring diagrams the same component designation code is used for a particular component. For example, always "A" for the battery.

Page 52 Vehicle Information Sunroof and Central Control Module -J Diagnosis Technical Background Sunroof may malfunction or fail to operate due to low battery voltage, battery being discharged, battery being disconnected, power to sunroof being interrupted while in operation, or a faulty central control module. Production Solution No production change required. Service Symptoms Sunroof inoperative. Sunroof will not close stuck open or stuck open in the tilt position.

Sunroof operates erratically opens when sunroof switch is turned to the tilt position or tilts when sunroof switch is turned to the open position. No Special Tools required. Always check with your Parts Dept. Antennas: All models use four antennas Antenna amplifiers: All models use four antenna amplifiers Also See for Jetta Workshop manual - pages Body repair manual - pages Service manual - pages. Page of Go. Page - Description of reverse side of dash pane Page Page Page Page - Removing and installing wiper arms Page - Adjusting wiper blade park position Page - Removing and installing aerodynamic wipe Page - Removing and installing rain and light d Page Page - Windscreen washer system Page - Removing and installing reservoir for wi Page Page - Removing and installing washer pump V5 Page - Removing and installing windscreen washe Page - Headlight washer system Page - Assembly overview - headlight washer sys Page - Removing and installing pop-up spray jet Page - Removing and installing spray jet assemb Page Page - Renewing headlight bulbs Page Page Page Page - Servicing headlight securing lugs Page - Adjusting headlights Page - Main headlights with gas discharge bulbs Page - Assembly overview - gas discharge headli Page Page Page - Vehicle level sender Page Page Page - Servicing headlight securing lugs Page - Fog lights Page - Removing and installing fog light bulb Page - Adjusting fog lights Page - Removing and installing side marker in f Page - Mirror turn signal bulb and entry light Page - Removing and installing entry light in e Page Page - Tail lights Page - Removing and installing tail light bulb Page - Assembly overview - tail light in tailga Page - Removing and installing tail light bulb Page Page - Number plate lights Page - Additional brake light Page - Steering column switch Page - Assembly overview - steering column swit Page - Steering angle sender G85 Page - Ignition switch and lock cylinder Page Page - Removing and installing ignition switch Page Page - Parking aid Page - Assembly overview - parking aid Page - Removing and installing parking aid sens Page - Removing and installing rear parking aid Page Page - Torque settings: lights, bulbs, switches Page - Lights, lamps, switches - inside Page - Lights and switches in dash panel Page - Removing and installing glove compartmen Page - Removing and installing glove compartmen Page - Removing and installing front passenger Page - Removing and installing hazard warning l Page Page - Removing and installing key operated swi Page Page - Lights and switches in front doors Page - Removing and installing driver side inte Page - Components - front door locks Page Page - Removing and installing remote release b Page Page - Lights and switches in rear doors Page Page - Lights and switches in luggage compartmeVolkswagen Passat — a mid-size car company Volkswagen.

It is produced since Currently, the car is produced at Volkswagen plants in Emden, Zwickau Germany and other plants. The name Trade wind came from the wind of the same name. The first generation of the Volkswagen Passat was launched in Initially, they offered two- and four-door sedans and similar three- and five-door versions. The model shared a modern fastback style, designed by Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.

In fact, the first Passat was the Fastback version of the sedan Audi 80, introduced a year earlier.

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The five-door wagon was introduced inwhich was sold to Audi Fox in the markets of North America. In Europe, the Passat was equipped with two rectangular, two round 7-inch or four round 5. Initially, the Passat installed four-cylinder gasoline lower-range engines in volume of 1.

In Augustthe 1.

passat comfort control module wiring diagram

In JulyPassat Diesel appeared equipped with a 1. All models were restyled in in outside Europewith interior upgrading and redesigned design, depending on the model: four round headlights, or two rectangular. The goal, according to the manufacturer, was to more clearly differentiate the car from a mechanically similar Audi A restyling dashboard in the Golf style was used, the radio and heating control systems were installed centrally in one unit.

Engine rims, gearbox and exhaust system have been modified to reduce internal noise; Comfort was also improved by changing springs and shock absorbers.

In North America, the car came out under the name Volkswagen Dasher. The three- and five-door hatchback and station wagon were manufactured in North America for and during the model year. The only available engine was a carburetor 1. Bosch 58 kW. The second generation of the Volkswagen Passat was launched in Platform B2 is again based on the corresponding platform Audi 80launched in Passat B2 became a bit longer, the design of the car was updated, which was now immediately determined by Passat: the most obvious difference is the rectangular headlights.

By this time, the front-wheel drive and the hatchback-type body have become commonplace on this car. In addition to the hatchbacks and Variant, there was a classic sedan, which until was sold as Volkswagen Santana in Europe.

The all-wheel drive version of Syncro was introduced in Octoberinitially only with a powerful five-cylinder engine. In Argentina, from tounder the name VW Carat. In Brazil the station wagon was called VW Quantum.

The sedan and the Passat B2 wagon were produced in South Africa for the local market until Like the previous generation, the Passat B2 was mainly sold with four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. However, unlike its predecessor, the top versions received five-cylinder Audi or VW engines with a volume of 1.The history of the "People's Car", the Volkswagenthe center began on 28th Maywhen the company " Geselschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagen gmbH " was established.

A year later it was renamed " Volkswagenwerk GmbH ". After the war, the plant came under British control, and under the supervision of Major Ivan Hirst, the Volkswagen began mass production of cars, or Type 1 Beetlelater gained worldwide fame. Even in the '60s and' 70s, Beetle manages to remain market leader, despite the fact that the Beetle - the car becomes obsolete.

However, the reliability easy maintenance and small fuel consumption raised the car to unimaginable heights and made the favorite.

Despite the success of the car Beetlein the mids, Volkswagen AG badly needed fleet renewal, assistance in doing so, they had company Audiwhich was acquired by them in the 60's. Inthe company produces in Light Car Gol f, he instantly becomes the new favorite. In the same year, the company produces a sporty model Sciroccoand a cheaper option - the car Polowhich became popular throughout Western Europe. Gradually, more and more luxury models appeared on the market thanks to Volkswagen latest technological advances such as the TouaregSUV premium.

Volkswagen Jetta 2005 Workshop Manual

Adobe Acrobat Document Adobe Acrobat Document 7. VW Passat B5 Manual. Adobe Acrobat Document 2. VW Crafter Self-study Programme Adobe Acrobat Document 1. VW Lupo Manual. Adobe Acrobat Document 3. VW Golf 2 89 Owner's Manual. VW Passat Variant Manual. Adobe Acrobat Document 6. VW Touareg Owner's Manual. VW Passat 87 Owner's Manual. VW Sharan Owner's Manual. VW Scirocco Owner's Manual. VW Bus Owners Manual. VW Beetle type 1 Owners Manual.

VW Golf 1 83 Owner's Manual. VW Phaeton Owner's Manual. Adobe Acrobat Document 8. VW Corrado Owner's Manual. VW Passat 91 Owner's Manual.

VW Maintanence Manual. VW New Beetle Manual. VW Wiring Diagrams.There is lots of information on the web about lifting wet carpets and drying the CCM under the front passenger seat. This information is to help with the actual plugs, wire colours and functions of the wires. Not all CCM will have all wires and all functions and some changes occurred over the years.

VW Golf 5 how to change comfort control module CCM 1K0 959 433

If you have lost a function, the function list will give you a clue about which wire or connector to check. Display control unit in dash. Boot release switch. Boot lock alarm switch. K-can Low.

passat comfort control module wiring diagram

Boot light. Luggage light Estate. Sun roof control unit. K-can High. Boot light switch. K —line Diagnostic plug. Heated mirror switch. Boot lock motor. Interior lights. Interior light door switches. Interior sensors. Alarm horn. Interior Sensors. Hazard switch. Rear left puddle light.This tutorial will help you to diagnose a bad ignition control module ICM causing a misfire condition on your VW 1. One of the most common failures with this type of ignition control module ICM is a misfire condition in which the ignition module doesn't activate one of the Coil-On-Plug COP ignition coils.

This condition is usually misdiagnosed as a bad ignition coil and the end result is money spent on parts that don't solve the misfire issue. In this article, I'll show you my way of testing the ignition control module. It's a very easy test, that doesn't involve using any expensive diagnostic equipment not even a scan tool! As I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, you don't need a scan tool.

Here are the tools you'll need:. You'll also need basic hand tools to remove the ignition module if it tests bad that islike a ratchet wrench, sockets, etc. The ignition control module has two connectors. Looking down at the ignition module with the ignition module still bolted in placeyou'll notice that the ignition control module has a left connector and a right connector. NOTE: Although I've included the color of the wires, in the charts below, I can tell you that they are not gonna' match the colors that are on your vehicle it's been my experience that the colors described on the wiring diagrams usually never matches what's on the VW.

So then, how can you locate the wire you'll need to test? Also, you'll find the number of the wire embossed on the ignition control module Igniter and this will also help you further identify the wire to be tested. OK, before we jump into the testing part in the next pageyou need to know a few more things and this is what each of the three wires that connect to the ignition coil connector do. This is important because in the tests in this tutorialI'm gonna' ask you to verify Power 12 VoltsGround and continuity between the ICM and coil at the ignition coil's 3-wire electrical connector.

Once again, I want to tell you that you don't have to worry about the specific colors of the wires on your vehicle since you'll be able to locate the correct wire to test with the photo I'm providing. How To Test The 1. All Tutorials: Volkswagen 1. It fascinates me.

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I sit and look at it for hours. This material may not be reproduced without the author's consent. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. Volkswagen 1. Applies To:. Volkswagen Vehicles:. Audi Vehicles:. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!

VW Car Manuals PDF

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