Capacitance fuel sending unit

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In automobile and aircraft engineering a fuel gauge or gas gauge is an instrument used to indicate the amount of fuel in a fuel tank. The sending unit usually uses a float connected to a potentiometertypically printed ink design in a modern automobile. As the tank empties, the float drops and slides a moving contact along the resistor, increasing its resistance. Meanwhile, the indicator unit usually mounted on the dashboard is measuring and displaying the amount of electric current flowing through the sending unit.

When the tank level is high and maximum current is flowing, the needle points to "F" indicating a full tank. When the tank is empty and the least current is flowing, the needle points to "E" indicating an empty tank; some vehicles use the indicators "1" for full and "0" or "R" for empty instead. The system can be fail-safe. If an electrical fault opens, the electrical circuit causes the indicator to show the tank as being empty theoretically provoking the driver to refill the tank rather than full which would allow the driver to run out of fuel with no prior notification.

Corrosion or wear of the potentiometer will provide erroneous readings of fuel level. However, this system has a potential risk associated with it.

An electric current is sent through the variable resistor to which a float is connected, so that the value of resistance depends on the fuel level.

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In most automotive fuel gauges such resistors are on the inward side of the gauge, i. Sending current through such a resistor has a fire hazard and an explosion risk associated with it. These resistance sensors are also showing an increased failure rate with the incremental additions of alcohol in automotive gasoline fuel.

Alcohol increases the corrosion rate at the potentiometer, as it is capable of carrying current like water. Potentiometer applications for alcohol fuel use a pulse-and-hold methodology, with a periodic signal being sent to determine fuel level decreasing the corrosion potential.

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Therefore, demand for another safer, non-contact method for fuel level is desired. Since the early s, many fuel gauges have included an icon with a fuel pump and an arrow, indicating the side of the vehicle on which the fuel filler is located. After he proposed the idea, the Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer were the first vehicles to see it implemented.

Other automotive companies noticed the addition and began to incorporate it into their own fuel gauges.

capacitance fuel sending unit

Magnetoresistance type fuel level sensorsnow becoming common in small aircraft applications, offer a potential alternative for automotive use. These fuel level sensors work similar to the potentiometer example, however a sealed detector at the float pivot determines the angular position of a magnet pair at the pivot end of the float arm. These are highly accurate, and the electronics are completely outside the fuel. The non-contact nature of these sensors address the fire and explosion hazard, and also the issues related to any fuel combinations or additives to gasoline or to any alcohol fuel mixtures.

The fuel level output for these senders can be ratiometric voltage or preferable CAN bus digital. These sensors also fail-safe in that they either provide a level output or nothing. Systems that measure large fuel tanks including underground storage tanks may use the same electro-mechanical principle or may make use of a pressure sensor, [7] sometimes connected to a mercury manometer.

Many large transport aircraft use a different fuel gauge design principle. An aircraft may use a number around 30 on an A of low voltage tubular capacitor probes where the fuel becomes the dielectric. At different fuel levels, different values of capacitance are measured and therefore the level of fuel can be determined.

In early designs, the profiles and values of individual probes were chosen to compensate for fuel tank shape and aircraft pitch and roll attitudes. In more modern aircraft, the probes tend to be linear capacitance proportional to fuel height and the fuel computer works out how much fuel there is slightly different on different manufacturers. This has the advantage that a faulty probe may be identified and eliminated from the fuel calculations. Since most commercial aircraft only take on board fuel necessary for the intended flight with appropriate safety marginsthe system allows the fuel load to be preselected, causing the fuel delivery to be shut off when the intended load has been taken on board.

capacitance fuel sending unit

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Automotive Technology.We have seen the basic construction of this system. Now let us discuss how the electrical capacitance principle is utilized for the capacitance-type fuel-gauge system in aircraft. We have learnt in classes that Capacitance depends on some factors which are: area of the plates, distance between the two plates and the dielectric constant of the material between the two plates of the capacitors.

It is necessary here to know about the circuit relationship of capacitor. I mean how to find equivalent capacitance in a circuit when there is more than one capacitor are connected in an electrical circuit. Let us say 3 capacitors namely C 1C 2 and C 3 are connected in series with each other…. Capacitors exhibit some properties due to which the equivalent capacitance in a circuit is the sum of reciprocals of C1, C2 and C3 i.

Let us now take the case when the capacitors are connected parallel with each other…. Now if the same capacitors are connected in parallel with each other then the equivalent capacitance now is equal to the sum of the individual capacitances i.

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Now as you have got the basic knowledge of capacitance in a circuit, let us see some complexities exhibited by capacitors. For fuel quantity measurement in aircraft it is a practice to use those capacitors which differ in construction to those employed in normal electrical equipment…. There are many factors are kept in mind when taking the fuel quantity measurement.

The gauge systems now in use are therefore of the infrared-density compensated type. Compensations are made to nullify the effects of temperature changes occurring in the fuel tanks in order to make the capacitance type fuel quantity indicator to measure correctly….

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Interesting - We actually exceed that sensor capability in the aviation environment Capacitive relies on the fuel to be a dielectric - variable fuel - variable results - variable temp - variable results - unless you invest to minimize the changes and then they need to be cleaned - Not a very good aviation solution. Liquid Level Sensor can be used to identify the level of substances that can flow. There are various types of liquid level sensor used to detect the point level of a liquid.

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Total Pageviews. They asked us if we could build a fuel level sensor for the po pular Van's Aircraft Series. We thought about it - it was easy to do on initial thought used the same housing as the Cirrus System. Capacitance is a compromised solution for aviation fuel level - the no moving concept is good if it works all the time or doesn't need cleaning or temperature calibration. The capacitive system used in some Van's aircraft is not set up for replacement or maintenance - something the Big Boy OEM c apacitive probes employ.

Fuels can have a vastly different dielectric constant - and this translates directly to fuel level. AutoGas is close but not the same as AVgas and ethanol is grossly different. This didn't pass the sniff test. Floats by design - float on the surface of the fuel and you miss some.

In review of the RV tank and wing dihedral, a capacitive plate may not measure full fuel as well. This is a well known and in an aircraft fuel tank, a quarter of a inch can represent many gallons. So the general assumption in aviation is that float sensors are not as effective. That is generally what we hear in the certified world as well. So we set out to discover what could be going on. The Stewart Warner sensors have a bit of lateral play and they seemed in our models to contact structure or other items in the tank prior to hitting the skin.

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Line, Chevy, Each. Fuel Tank Sending Unit, Line, Chevrolet, Camaro, Nova, Each. Fuel Line, Chevy, Each.Aircraft Fuel System Indicators. Fuel Quantity Indicating Systems All aircraft fuel systems must have some form of fuel quantity indicator.

capacitance fuel sending unit

These devices vary widely depending on the complexity of the fuel system and the aircraft on which they are installed. Simple indicators requiring no electrical power were the earliest type of quantity indicators and are still in use today. The use of these direct reading indicators is possible only on light aircraft in which the fuel tanks are in close proximity to the cockpit. Other light aircraft and larger aircraft require electric indicators or electronic capacitance type indicators.

A sight glass is a clear glass or plastic tube open to the fuel tank that fills with fuel to the same level as the fuel in the tank. It can be calibrated in gallons or fractions of a full tank that can be read by the pilot. Another type of sight gauge makes use of a float with an indicating rod attached to it. As the float moves up and down with the fuel level in the tank, the portion of the rod that extends through the fuel cap indicates the quantity of fuel in the tank.

Figure 1. Figure 2. A float-type sight gauge fuel quantity indicator. Figure 3. Electric fuel quantity indicators are more common than mechanical indicators in modern aircraft. Most of these units operate with direct current DC and use variable resistance in a circuit to drive a ratiometer-type indicator.

The movement of a float in the tank moves a connecting arm to the wiper on a variable resistor in the tank unit.

Fuel gauge

This resistor is wired in series with one of the coils of the ratiometer-type fuel gauge in the instrument panel. Changes to the current flowing through the tank unit resistor change the current flowing through one of the coils in the indicator. This alters the magnetic field in which the indicating pointer pivots. The calibrated dial indicates the corresponding fuel quantity.

Figure 4.

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Digital indicators are available that work with the same variable resistance signal from the tank unit. They convert the variable resistance into a digital display in the cockpit instrument head.

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Capacitive Fuel Level Senders

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